Due to Covid-19 our meetings have been put on hold.

Please check back  to see when they will begin again.


The  Historical & Preservation Society of the Greater Shickshinny Area,  established in 2001,  is a 501c3  organization, funded by donations. The mission of our organization is to preserve our heritage and history; to be appreciated by future generations and to help enrich the quality of life in the Greater Shickshinny Area and its surrounding communities.

      Our home is the FLT building at 13-17 N Main Street Shickshinny, PA.  Built in 1910, it was the former Odd Fellows building.  We, along with the Shickshinny Business Association, purchased the building in 2006.  It is called the FLT for the letters on the dental work on the front of the building.

                               Flt means:

        Friendship ...The strongest bond of Fraternity that          teaches goodwill and harmony


 Love...The basis of all life's ambitions, service to others and their communities

 Truth...The standard by which we serve people and the foundation of our society.

Our organization has welcomed  many donated items from the public...We have hundreds of pictures, newspaper articles, uniforms of local interest, too many things to actually list. 

Please come and visit us...The public is always welcome. Due to covid we are now requesting that a phone call be made to schedule a time and to make sure all preventions are in place so everyone can have a safe visit. 


We are in the process of finishing the upstairs space...which will become the museum to hold our treasures as well as a space to hold meetings and larger gatherings. 

And as for the FUTURE....

Plans are in place that the downstairs space will hold a children's library. We are so pleased that we can contribute to the Shickshinny Area by adding a resource that will benefit the children of today.


Flood Book

Shop items



   During the 1972 flood the national guard were deployed to our area. One guard, Ray Sziber, tells his story of his time in Shickshinny...he wrote a book called "Flood Hero".

   He was generous enough to give the proceeds of the sale of this book to support the FLT. The front and back of the book are shown. There are also pictures of the area in the days after the flood.

The book can be purchased on this site or a check/money order can be mailed to the address below.

               The price is $25.00

We have so much to offer! In the museum are yearbooks, family histories, photos, newspaper articles...the Mountain Echo...some pictures we have no idea who the people are as no one wrote the names on the back....we will be posting some of the things we have questions on ...and will be asking you ..to help us identify the people in the picture or the origin of the article. ..and we will be posting things in the Gallery for everyone to see ...... 

                    And if you have anything you have a question on ...please let us know...we will gladly help where we can.

President/Treasurer...Cheryl L Bach    Vice President...Phil Yacuboski     Secretary...Natalie Moser

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