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The  Historical & Preservation Society of the Greater Shickshinny Area 
13 North Main Street  Shickshinny, PA  18655


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Current News


Children's Library

We have been busy with all of the new things that have been going on at the building. 

The Museum is up and running, If you would like a tour or a look around, just call Jim and schedule a visit (570-905-7519). There are new treasures always being donated  and we are happy to show them off. We have so many items and photos of Shickshinny and the surrounding areas...


Meeting are being scheduled again with the next meeting being held in February. The date will be announced shortly.

Check out the Look Back Page...

We have class pictures from the Garrison Elementary may just recognise someone!

Thanks to a $20,000 grant from the Central Susquehanna  Community Foundation there is a library in Shickshinny. 

The library, which opened in May, holds over 6400 books. We have books for all ages up to young adults (Senior in High School). There are NO fees. Membership is free, there are no late fees or fines. (We only ask that you return your books when they due). 

We have a Story hour each month, with more to be added as we move on.  

I would like to thank everyone who has donated/purchased books for the library. 

We can't thank you enough!!!

Please bring your child in and sign up for a library card..and begin a life of reading!

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Our Mission Statement: 

To collect, accumulate, preserve, study and celebrate the culture, history and archives of the Greater Shickshinny Area.

President/Treasurer: Cheryl L Bach

Vice President: Phil Yacuboski

Secretary: Natalie Moser

Phone: 570-905-7519


"We want those who come after us to know about those who came before us and the sacrifices they made so that we can have a better life." 


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