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Visitor information 


FLT Building
13-17 N Main Street
Shickshinny, PA
Phone: 570-905-7519

Hours:  Visits to the museum are upon request. Please contact Jimmy Bach (570-905-7519)

Days closed: To be announced at a future time

Visitor Fees: 
There is no admission fee. Donations are always welcome.

FLT Meaning:
Friendship: The strongest bond of Fraternity that teaches goodwill and harmony
Love: The basis of all life's ambitions and service to others and their communities
Truth: The standard by which we serve people and the foundation of our society.

Built in 1911, it was the former Odd Fellows building and was purchased with help from the Shickshinny Business Association in 2006.  It is referred to as the FLT because of the letters in the decorative cornices on the front of the building. 


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