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About us...


   The Historical & Preservation Society of the Greater Shickshinny Area was established in 2001 as a 501c3 non-profit organization. It began with a group of community members who felt that the records and items of the past should be gathered and stored before they became lost and forgotten. Our meetings were held around the area, in local churches, office buildings and halls.  In 2006, it was decided that we needed a permanent home, a place where people could visit to learn and remember the past.


   We were fortunate in this endeavor as a building on the main street of Shickshinny came up for sale. The Historical Society, along with the Shickshinny Business Association, purchased the building, which we now call the FLT building. In its past life it was the home of the local Odd Fellows organization.  So... we were on our way!  We were able to make immediate repairs with the help of grants and  donations.

We now had a home!!!

   Located at 13 N Main Street, Shickshinny, the FLT was built in 1910 and used as an Odd Fellow Organization building. The dental work at the roof line of the building has the letters FLT, which stand for:

             Friendship: The strongest bond of Fraternity that teaches goodwill and harmony

             Love: The basis of all of life's ambitions, service to others and their communities

             Truth:  The standard by which we serve people and the foundation of our society  

 We feel these beliefs are similar to those of our organization; Working together for the good of the future. 

   The second floor of the FLT is now our museum. We were fortunate to get a gaming grant to help us restore it. We are now waiting for a few permits and then we will be open to the public!!  Everyone is welcome!


 Due to Covid, we are now requesting a phone call to schedule a time so we can make sure all preventions are in place so everyone can have a safe visit.

   We have welcomed many donated items from the public.  Our museum has thousands of pieces of history and we are always welcome to new donations, and if there is a story behind them much the better! We are so excited to finally be done with the "FLT Project"...Well, we will never be "done" as long as there are memories and items to save and treasures for future generations.  Come along with us on this will be glad you did!



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